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American students

During the autumns of 1999, 2000, 2005 and 2008 we have had students living at our house. These students have been doing one semester of studying on DIS in Copenhagen.

During the autumn of 2008 we have Dagmara Podziemska from Poland living in our house. Daga is from Wroclaw and is doing her studies at the University of Warsaw.

Daga in Nyhavn

During the autumn of 2005 we have had Ana M Lei staying at our house while she was studying at DIS in Copenhagen. Ana is normally living in Beijing in China while her parents are living in Brazil.

Ana was very interested in how to make different types of food and she has been very good at it. Here is a picture of Ana with the very good Pizzas she made. The first pizza Palle really like because there was a lot of toppings on it.


In 2000 Kenneth Odhiambo Okoth, originally from Kenya lived at our house. Okoth was doing his University study in USA on St. Lawrence University in the state New York and he graduated in may 2001. Here is Okoth sitting in our living room :

In 1999 Danesh Mazloomdoost lived at our place. Danesh is very good a playing with children and he became very soon a very good friend of all the children we know. Here is Danseh sitting in the sofa together with Sune and Rene :


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