Christa's 40 års fødselsdag

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In the morning Christa's collegues from Fagerhult showed up to say happy birthday and have a cup of coffee.


In the afternoon people came to celebrate Christa and as Christa has been such a nice girl the wheather was fantastic and everybody got a drink on the terrace in the nice sunshine



Skipper felt more like being in the center


Karsten had really studied Christa's wishlist and bought must of the things that where on the list, like a fire-extinguiser to have in the trunk of the car

But also a lovely lawnmower, seen on television advertising

And more to come and here Karsten has handed over most of the gifts and he is having fun like everybody else

At the party at Herlev Kro Henrik had arranged "Here is your life" and of course Karsten was part of that with some interesting stories that we can't share here.

Niels wanted to show how to cut-back a tree. So he had brought at nice little "tree" and started to show how the cut-back shall be done but at the end he ended up cutting the tree down.


Tonna gave a  very good speech and she had also brought some very good presents, like salad dressing in hexagonal bottles

Later in the evening Niels in his gardener dress or maybe more correctly horiculturist dress did solo singing for Christa


Last but not least the Hansen Family from Nakskov had hired the famous Dutch lamp salesperson who had all the newest lamps available on the market



After this fantastic evening Christa did enjoy her present and all the flowers she had got



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